Programa Regressar

The benefits for the emigrants that now are returning to Portugal

This Thursday was approved the Programa Regressar (Return Program) through Resolution of the Council of Ministers.

This program aims to attract all people who:

  1. Have not been considered as resident in Portuguese territory in any of the previous three years;
  2. Have been resident in Portuguese territory before December 31, 2015;
  3. Have their tax situation regularized.

The Programa Regressar allows emigrants who are now returning to Portugal to benefit from a more favorable tax regime for five years, notably by excluding 50% of income from dependent work and business and professional income.

In addition to the tax benefits associated with it, this program also provides a set of incentives that reduce the costs of returning to Portugal and facilitate the professional and geographical transition for workers and their families.

To this end, a number of measures will be created in the following areas: dissemination of job offers; education and vocational training; recognition of academic qualifications and professional qualifications; geographical mobility; and investment.