Family Law

Lamares, Capela & Associados provides legal advice and assistance on the most diverse questions raised by our clients related to Family Law.

We have extensive experience in advising foreign and Portuguese clients who are getting married in Portugal, as well as in consulting and monitoring matters related to family structure, minors and successions.

The services provided may include:

  • Marriage proceedings in Portugal:
    • Between foreigners in Portugal
    • Between Portuguese Citizens in Portugal
    • Anti-nuptial conventions
  • Divorce proceedings in Portugal:
    • By mutual consent, with or without sharing common assets
    • Legal divorce and/or without the consent of the other spouse
  • Procedures
  • of separation of assets
  • Non-marital partnership recognition
  • Regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities
    • Single Guard
    • Alternate guard
    • Shared/Joint Guard
  • Change in parental responsibilities
  • Judicial action to exercise the right of grandparents to live with the grandchildren for unjustified deprivation by the parents – Joint Guardianship Action
  • Action of alimony to minor and legal age children
  • Alimony Change Action
  • Incidents of non-compliance with parental liability Regulation
  • Provisional Alimony Procedures
  • Review of foreign court decisions
  • Recognition of paternity, divorce and adoption
  • Inhibition and Limitations to the Exercise of Parental Responsibilities

Investigation of the official maternity or paternity

Associated Areas

Additionally, we provide guidance or counselling on other subjects that may also be of our clients’ need or interest, namely: Portuguese nationality/citizenshipvisas and residence permits in Portugalfamily reunificationGolden VisaNon-Habitual Resident Status, accreditation of foreign diplomas, investmentinvestment and company creation, monetisation and management of real estate, inheritances, social security and others.

We know and recommend professionals from other related areas and of the clients’ interest such as market studies, accounting and taxation, financing and community funds, marketing and others.