Real Estate

Lamares, Capela & Associados offers a complete package of services to clients who wish to invest in the real estate sector, going beyond the usual legal assistance.

Clients can decide a higher or lower level of intervention of our office, according to their needs. Our services include:

  • Prior visit to the real estate and contact with sellers and/or real estate agents;
  • Collection and analysis of real estate documents (land registry, tax, municipality, energy certification, etc.);
  • Verification of the real estate situation with the Land Registry, Tax Authorities, City Hall, other public and private entities relevant to assess any existing burdens or charges;
  • Assistance in decision-making, with counseling prior to real estate acquisition (analysis of expected profitability and expenses to be incurred);
  • Personal assistance and/or representation in negotiations with the seller of the chosen real estate;
  • Contact and contracting of engineering and/or architectural experts, in case of needing real estate rehabilitation works;
  • Personal assistance or representation in the forward commitment agreement of purchase and sale and registration at the Land Registry of such agreement;
  • Notarial acts (powers of attorney, certification of documents, certification of translations, authentication of documents, etc.);
  • Preparation and/or analysis of the final contract of purchase and sale;
  • Obtaining the purchase tax payment orders from the Tax Authorities and their payment at the bank institution by means of a power of attorney;
  • Personal assistance and/or representation at the time of signing the deed or the final contract of purchase and sale and inspection of subsequent purchase records;