Lamares, Capela & Associados offers a complete package of services in Real Estate Law to clients looking to invest in Real Estate in Portugal, going beyond the usual legal assistance.

We monitor and deal with all operations related with buying an investment property through an incisive approach, in order to satisfy our clients.

The services provided may include:

  • Assistance in transactions of purchase and sale of houses in Portugal;
  • Support in the development of projects to promote the property (construction / rehabilitation of the property);
  • Preparation, negotiation and execution of contracts;
  • Other Administrative Procedures.

Advantages of investing in Portugal

– Access to Portuguese Citizenship through the Golden Visa Program which allows you to get a residence permit through an investment in Portugal.

– Competitive Real Estate – lower prices compared to other countries in Europe.

– Favorable Tax Regime – Portugal has clear and transparent tax rules that facilitate investment, as well as special regimes on income and pensions for foreign citizens – Non-Habitual Resident Status.

investimento imobiliário Portugal
investimento imobiliário Portugal

Advantages of living in Portugal

– Reside in a safe and peaceful country at a social and political level, with an internationally distinguished education system and a very qualified and accessible national health system

– Benefit from the free movement of people and goods within the European Union, being able to establish your residence in any of these countries;

Family Reunification, allowing family members to have the right to live with the holder of the residence permit in Portugal.

– Obtain Portuguese nationality at the end of five years of residence.

The investment in buying a house has great economic relevance from the buyer’s point of view, and a more experienced investor in this field can guarantee that the work of a lawyer, although it has a cost associated, can correspond to a considerable saving of time and money for the buyer.

Representation through a lawyer not only allows to negotiate with security, but also avoids the frequent problem of additional travel for simple signatures through a power of attorney.

Related Services

  • Prior visit to the properties and contact with the sellers and / or real estate agents;
  • Compilation and analysis of property documents (building, tax, city, energy certification, etc.);
  • Verification of the situation of the property elected with the Land Registry Office, Finance Service, City Council, other public and private entities applicable to check for any encumbrances or charges;

Contact and hiring of engineering and/or architecture experts, if rehabilitation works are required in the property;

  • Decision-making assistance, with advice prior to property investment (analysis on expected profitability and on the expenses to be incurred);
  • Follow-up and/or representation in negotiations with the seller of the selected property;
  • Follow-up or representation in the contract of promise of purchase and sale and registration of the contract of promise of purchase and sale;
  • Preparation and/or analysis of the definitive purchase and salecontract.
  • Undertaking notarial acts (powers of attorney, certification of documents, certification of translations, authentication of documents, etc.);
  • Obtaining tax payment slips for the purchase from the Tax Authorities and payment of the tax slips by visiting the bank with a power of attorney;
  • Follow-up and/or representation at the time of deed or definitive contract of purchase and sale and supervision of subsequent records of the purchase;

It also provides all related services, namely:

  • Analysis and certification of the documents necessary for the issuance of the tax taxpayer number (TIN);
  • Visit the Tax Authorities to obtain the NIF and tax representation;
  • Maintenance of tax representation
  • Collecting specific data from the investment operation, through a meeting with several banking institutions;
  • Presenting information from each banking institution, their advantages and costs of the investment;
  • Representation of the future bank account holder for prior validation of documents and face-to-face monitoring at the time of opening the bank account;
  • Information on financing for the acquisition of property;
  • Development of strategies and advice on investment profitabilization; and
  • Representation with several service companies for their activation (electricity,gas,water, telephone, television, post office).


Additionally, we provide guidance or counselling on other subjects that may also be of our clients’ need or interest, namely: Portuguese nationality/citizenship, visas and residence permits in Portugal, family reunification, Golden Visa, Non-Habitual Resident Status, accreditation of foreign diplomas, investment and company incorporation, inheritances, social security and others.

We know and recommend professionals from other related areas and of the clients’ interest such as market studies, accounting and taxation, financing and community funds, marketing and others.