Sucession Law

Lamares, Capela & Associados provides legal advice and assistance in the most diverse questions raised by our clients related to Succession Law.

Soon after death, obligations are created for heirs, not only of a legal nature, but also administrative and fiscal, where lawyer takes a major role in the inheritance planning process, qualification of heirs and clarifying other questions that arise, namely in assisting the heirs in the fulfillment of administrative and tax obligations.

We have extensive experience in advising foreign clients in the exercise of the inheritance planning, fulfilling on behalf of those all the steps from death to the registration of assets of inheritance on behalf of the heirs.

Our services may include:

  • Testamentary succession (drafting the will and accompanying the client to the Notary)
  • Practice of testamentary
  • Designation of law applicable to succession
  • Vital testament
  • Legal advice on family governance
  • Preparation and granting of deeds for the certification of inheritance
  • Compliance with tax obligations (stamp duty)
  • Requests for tax representation (for non-resident heirs) and contacts with banking and public institutions (Banco de Portugal, CMVM, etc.)
  • Promissory contracts of sharing
  • Preparation of sharing deeds
  • Registration of assets in the name of the estate or heir (land, commercial and automobile registration)
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Associated Areas

Additionally, we provide guidance or counselling on other subjects that may also be of our clients’ need or interest, namely: Portuguese nationality/citizenship, visas and residence permits in Portugal, family reunification, Golden Visa, Non-Habitual Resident Status, accreditation of foreign diplomas, investment, investment and company creation, monetisation and management of real estate, inheritances, social security and others.

We know and recommend professionals from other related areas and of the clients’ interest such as market studies, accounting and taxation, financing and community funds, marketing and others.