Holders of a residence permit in Portugal enjoy the same rights as the Portuguese, with some exceptions regarding the exercise of public and political functions, thus being entitled to:

  • Family reunification;
  • Access quality education and vocational training;
  • Exercise a dependent or independent professional activity;
  • Benefit from a qualified and accessible health system;
  • Access the Law and the courts; and
  • The Portuguese nationality at the end of the five years.

Visas and Residence Permits

In theory, and without prejudice to the special conditions for granting visas, foreign citizens are entitled to obtain an entry visa in Portugal provided they are not prohibited from entering Portugal, they have means of subsistence, a valid travel document and travel insurance.

However, in practice there are many factors on which depend obtaining a visa or residence permit, such as having no criminal record, registration with the Tax Authority and Social Security, the opening of bank accounts and others.

Consequently, after the preliminary analysis to frame the type of proceeding, it is necessary a careful analysis of the details and documents by an experienced professional in order to determine the success of the proceeding.

We believe that there should be a strategy for the family as a whole and the processes must be well-conducted from the start, since they are often delayed or denied even though the right exists, because private individuals make mistakes due to poor knowledge of the law and related procedures.

In parallel with the residence permit proceeding it is advisable to start planning all other relevant aspects of the family change. For this, we offer related services and associated areas

Types of Visas

Portuguese law requires, in most cases, foreigners from countries outside the European Union to present an entry visa in Portugal.

Depending on the purposes/intentions of the foreign citizen, such visa may be a: short-term visa, a temporary stay visa or residence visa.

Short-stay visas are intended to allow the holder to enter Portugal, namely for the purposes of transit, tourism and visiting or accompanying family members who are holders of a temporary stay visa.

The visa may be granted with a validity period of one year and for one or more entries, the duration of an uninterrupted stay or the total duration of the successive stays not exceeding ninety days in each one hundred and eighty days from the date of the first crossing of an external border.

Brazilian citizens who are holders of valid passports and wish to enter and stay in Portugal for a period of up to ninety days are exempt from visas.

The temporary stay visa is intended to allow entry and stay in Portugal for a period of less than one year for:

a) Medical treatment in official or officially recognized health facilities;

b) The transfer of national citizens from States of the World Trade Organization, within the scope of the provision of services or professional training in Portugal;

c) Carrying out in Portugal an independent professional activity;

d) Carrying out in Portugal a scientific research activity in research centres, a teaching activity in a higher education institution or a highly qualified activity;

e) Carrying out in Portugal an amateur sports activity, certified by the relevant federation, provided that the sports club or association is responsible for the accommodation and health care;

f) Accompanying a family member subject to medical treatment;

g) Seasonal work for more than ninety days;

h) Attendance of a course in an educational or vocational training institution; and

i) Remaining in Portugal for periods of more than three months, in exceptional and duly substantiated cases, namely for study program attendance at an educational institution, student exchange, unpaid professional internship or voluntary service lasting for one year or less, or for the purposes of complying with international commitments within the scope of the World Trade Organization and those arising from international conventions and agreements to which Portugal is a party, within the freedom to provide services.

The temporary stay visa is granted for the duration of the stay and is valid for multiple entries in Portugal.

The residence visa is intended to allow the holder to enter Portugal in order to apply for a residence permit . It can be requested under the following grounds:

  • Carrying out a dependent professional activity;
  • Carrying out an independent professional activity or for entrepreneurial immigrants;
  • Teaching activity, highly qualified or cultural;
  • Retirement;
  • Income Holders/ Passive income holders;
  • For investment activity – “Visa Gold/ARI”;
  • For students in secondary and higher education;
  • For researchers;
  • For trainees;
  • For volunteers;
  • Family reunification;
  • Victims of human trafficking or actions to aid illegal immigration;
  • Holders of long-term resident status in another Member State of the European Union;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • For workers transferred within the company ‘ICT’ and for long-term mobility ‘Mobile ICT’
  • For other special situations.

The residence visa is valid for two entries in Portugal and entitles the holder to stay for a period of four months.

In case of residence visas, it is necessary take into account the intended purpose for residence, which in itself may result in more requirements for obtaining it.

Residence Permits

As for the validity period, the residence permit comprises two types:

  • Temporary residence permit – Valid for a period of two years from the date of issue of the respective title and renewable for successive periods of three years;
  • Permanent residence permit – It has no validity limit and is not linked to a specific purpose, which means that the holder can carry out any legal activity. It is also necessary that the Applicant, among other requirements, holds a temporary residence permit for at least five years.

Family reunification

Citizens with a valid residence permit (temporary or permanent) have the right to family reunification, which can be requested simultaneously with the residence permit.

Those entitled to reunification are:

  • Family members who are outside Portugal and who have lived with them in another country, depending on them or living with them, regardless of whether the family ties are prior or subsequent to the resident’s entry.
  • Likewise, family members who are legally in Portugal and who depend or cohabit with the holder of a valid residence permit.

Note: Refugees, recognized under the law governing asylum, have the right to family reunification with their family members who are in Portugal or abroad, without prejudice to the legal provisions recognizing refugee status for family members.

Brazilian citizens can also benefit from the Equality Statute between Brazil and Portugal (Estatuto de Igualdade de Direitos e Deveres), adding even more benefits than those of foreign citizens with residence permit.

Work Method

Given our transparency and believing that clients are entitled to know our work method, we share it below:

When we receive the client’s first contact through any of the available means, we invite her/him to register on the site in order to access the user reserved area.

Note: Contact through the user reserved area is easier and more convenient for clients, but they can always choose to continue contact through traditional means.

We analyze the information of the first contact and ask the necessary questions to better understand the client’s situation.

We inform clients on the most appropriate type of service and the most effective procedures, as well as the associated costs, so that they can decide in an informed and conscientious manner.

Analysis of the clients’ documents is key in order to confirm how many and which proceedings are necessary and their feasibility.

Note: It is convenient to analyse the different family members’ processes together as there may be significant savings of time and money for the client.

We enter into a contract detailing our services and all that was previously agreed in order to guarantee the client our commitment and responsibility.

We guide the client on the necessary documents and assist in their obtaining and legalization.

Note: We provide the service of locating and obtaining the Portuguese documents.

Once the documents have been received in Portugal, they are processed immediately.

Our proceedings are done directly at the Registries/Courts/relevant sectors in Portugal, using the fastest services at the moment and adequate to the specific case.

Clients can follow the evolution and progress of their proceeding(s) in the user reserved area of the site.

They can also join the Facebook group to share doubts and experiences with us and other clients and consult this group or our site’s blog to keep up to date on topics of their interest.

We inform on the conclusion of the proceedings in the user reserved area and by email with a copy of the Portuguese document.

Associated Areas

We provide guidance or counselling to our clients on the following subjects that may also be of their need or interest: Portuguese nationality/citizenship, accreditation of diplomas, notarial acts, obtaining the TIN and representation for tax purposes, bank financing, real estate acquisition, real estate monetisation management, investment and company incorporation, inheritances, social security and others.

We know and recommend professionals from other related areas and of the clients’ interest such as real estate agents, architecture and/or engineering firms, real estate management companies, market studies, accounting and taxation, financing and community funds, marketing and others.