Visas and Residence Permits in Portugal

In the first stage, Lamares, Capela & Associados provides support in obtaining entry visas to Portugal, their respective renewal and appeal regarding visa refusal decisions. In a second stage, we provide support in obtaining the entitlement for a residence permit in Portugal.

Also providing all related services thereof, such as:

  • Obtaining the tax identification number (TIN) and representation for tax purposes;
  • Choosing the bank, account opening and financing
  • Registration in Social Security;
  • Acquisition and rental of the real estate;
  • Notarial acts (powers of attorney, certification of documents, certification of translations, authentication of documents, etc.);
  • Accreditation of foreign diplomas;
  • Equality Statute between Brazil and Portugal (Estatuto de Igualdade de Direitos e Deveres);
  • Invitation letter;
  • Health Card (PB4 and others) and private health insurance, international transportation of animals, substitution of driving license (driver’s license) and others.