Chinese investment raised, through Golden Visas, was 2.529 billion euros since the beginning of the Portuguese Residency by Investment Programme in 2012.

According to data from the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), the Residence Permits for Investment Activities (Golden Visa), first launched in October 2012, raised almost 5 billion euros  after seven years, with the acquisition of properties amounting to more than 4 billion euros.

Of the total amount raised, investment from China accounted for more than 50%, out of a total of 4,424 Golden Visas issued. In the case of Brazil, 844 Golden Visas were granted during the Programme.

Investment of Turkish origin amounted to 200 million euros and Russian to nearly 199 million euros. South Africa is part of the group of the five main nationalities that invested in Portugal through this Residency by investment Programme, with nearly 195 million euros invested.


Source: SEF