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Lamares, Capela & Associados provides services in the area of Corporate Law to business owners, entrepreneurs, national or international companies.

We follow and handle the process of starting a company in Portugal and act in different phases of their corporate life, whether being startups or others.

We provide support for setting a company in Portugal (negotiations and investments);

If you want to create a company in Portugal, contact us.

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We have already helped more than 300 people to create their company in Portugal .

Diogo Capela The Washington Times

Richard W
Richard W
March 23, 2022.
If you're looking for a lawyer to help you with a Portugal visa application, you found the right place! I unsuccessfully tried two other lawyer firms before settling on Lamares, and I'm so glad I did. Clear and attentive communications and expert advice about the whole process. Muito obrigado Diogo!
Frami De Jesùs
Frami De Jesùs
February 12, 2022.
Rápida contestación.
Daniela Manrique
Daniela Manrique
January 31, 2022.
Fantastic experience with them, great service.
Stephanie Moraille
Stephanie Moraille
December 15, 2021.
I have been working with Diogo on my Portuguese residency application for 1 year and the process has been handled always in a professional manner. He cares about his clients and his calm demeanor always helps when dealing with difficult immigration agents. He’s great at what he does!
Kyler G. Canastra
Kyler G. Canastra
November 4, 2021.
I've worked with Lamares, Capela & Associados for numerous processes (from work visas and nationality to real estate) and I can't thank them enough for their commitment to my objectives and their help along the way. As someone with plenty of experience navigating Spanish bureaucracy, I knew that before moving to Portugal, I would need help with everything here and I am glad to have worked with Diogo, Ana Sofía and André—they're a great team who are attentive and truly care about making your new life in Portugal a reality.
Dr. Giuseppe Stephen de Gouveia
Dr. Giuseppe Stephen de Gouveia
October 28, 2021.
Outstanding service supplied by Ana and her team. We managed to get our citizenship sorted in record time during a difficult period in the pandemic. They were super responsive and helpful and guided us through every step of the way. Very happy!!
Vishal Mahajan
Vishal Mahajan
September 25, 2021.
Started the process with you, hope for the best..
Joao Henrique Ferreira Antunes Campos
Joao Henrique Ferreira Antunes Campos
July 6, 2021.
We had procured the services of Ana Sofia to follow up on our Portuguese citizenship situation. Sound knowledge of the process and good communication along the process. She has been always polite and professional.


No. It is possible to complete the process without having to travel.

Yes. It is possible to provide company domicilie.

The document required for this purpose is the Tax Identification Number, which is quickly obtained.

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