Government extinguish SEF in Portugal

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers No 43/2021 of 14th April determined the extinction of the Foreign and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal, and the creation in its place of the Foreigners and Asylum Service (SEA). This Resolution indicates how the restructuring of the immigration police in Portugal will be carried out, namely what […]

Foreigners represent 40% of housing investment in Lisbon

In 2020, foreign investors represented 40% of housing investment in Urban Rehabilitation Area (ARU) of Lisbon. The Chinese are the main buyers, who hold a 24% share of the amount. Despite the constraints imposed by the pandemic, foreign capital started to aggregate 40% of the total amount invested in housing in the ARU of Lisbon […]

Brexit – Appointment of the Tax Representative in Portugal

From 1st January 2021, it became mandatory the appointment of a tax representative, namely for IRS or IRC purposes by individual and corporate taxpayers with tax residency in the United Kingdom. The appointment is mandatory for individuals and legal persons who, according to the law, are subject to comply with obligations or wish to exercise […]

Government extends air traffic restrictions until April 15

The Portuguese Government extended air traffic restrictive measures until 15th April. Flights to and from Brazil and the United Kingdom are suspended, and 14-day prophylactic isolation also applies to the land border to high-risk countries. In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs clarifies that the “obligation to comply with prophylactic isolation of 14 days […]


Given the global public health emergency that is currently happening due to Coronavirus, it is necessary to reflect on the importance of having a “Plan B” when Public Health is at risk in your country of residence. Having the possibility to easily travel to another country with your family and stay there legally can be […]

Changes to the Nationality Law have retroactive effects

The latest amendments to the Nationality Law, which guarantee Portuguese nationality for children through parents who have a residence permit or who have lived in Portugal for at least one year, may be applied with a retroactive effect. In 2018, the amendments to the Nationality Law reduced from five to two years the minimum period […]

Expiry date of the Citizen Card and other documents extended until 31 December 2021

Decree-law No. 22-A/2021 entered into force on 18 March and establishes exceptional and temporary measures under the Covid-19 pandemic, from a perspective of social and economic support to families and companies. Among the measures, the Government decided  to extend until December 31  2021,  the admissibility of documents, such as the citizen card, medical certificates for […]

European Blue Card

The European Blue Card  is a residence  permit granted to foreign citizens,  which enables the holder to reside and exert a highly qualified subordinate activity on national territory. A highly qualified worker is considered a citizen who has an employment contract of at least one year and who proves that he has the appropriate qualifications […]

Air Traffic Restrictions in March

The Portuguese Government decided to extend the restrictive air traffic measures until March 16. All commercial and private flights to and from Brazil and the United Kingdom, except for humanitarian and repatriation flights, are suspended. In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs explains that passengers from Brazil and the United Kingdom to Portugal, who […]