Portuguese Nationality

In addition to the privilege of bearing the citizen card of a country with a rich history, which culture is spread throughout the world, Portuguese citizens enjoy several rights, amongst them, to live and work in a safe and peaceful country, and to move freely within the Schengen Area, being able to reside in any of these countries.

Learn about the different ways to obtain Portuguese nationality/citizenship.

Obter nacionalidade portuguesa - obtain portuguese citizenshio

Whoever obtains Portuguese nationality has the following rights:

– To get one of the strongest passport in the world, which allows, besides free movement in the Schengen Area, to enter 140 countries without the need of a visa;

– To reside in a safe and peaceful country at social and political level, with an internationally distinguished education system and a very qualified and accessible national health system;

– To benefit from the free movement of persons and goods within the European Union and th possiblility of establishing their residence in any of these countries;

– To Regroup the family, allowing family members to have the right to reside with the Portuguese where he/she resides, be it Portugal or another European Union country.

Who has the right to the portuguse nationality/citizenship

reagrupamiento familiar

Nationality for children

Children of Portuguese mother or Portuguese father, born in Portugal or abroad are entitled to Portuguese nationality by origin.

Nationality for grandchildren

Portuguese’s grandchildren who have an effective connection with the Portuguese community are entitled to Portuguese nationality by origin.

Nacionalidade Sefarditas

Nationality of Sephardic Jews

The descendants of the Sephardic Jews can obtain Portuguese nationality, without the need to reside in Portugal or even to master the Portuguese language.

Nationality by investment

It is aimed at citizens of countries outside the European Union who wish to obtain a residence permit to Portugal, and make an investment in Portugal, which may be in real estate, in companies or by the transfer of capital.

Nationality by marriage

A foreigner who is married or lives in a non-marital partnership with a Portuguese citizen for at least three years may obtain Portuguese nationality during that partnership, provided that none of the circumstances justifying the opposition to the acquisition of nationality exist.

Other services of Nationality

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