On July 23, the Portuguese Parliament approved some amendments to the Nationality Law, including amendments concerning grandchildren of Portuguese citizens and citizens married to Portuguese (you can read more about this here: https://lamarescapela.pt/en/changes-in-the-nationality-law//).

After approval by the Parliament, the legal texts are taken to the appreciation of the President, who has the power to promulgate (approve), veto (fail) or return the document to the Assembly of the Republic, without promulgation, so that there is a new consideration of the approved rules.

In the case of amendments to the Nationality Law, the President of the Republic has chosen to return the document, without promulgation, so that certain rules can be reviewed: these will only be the rules regarding the waiving of proof of effective connection to the Portuguese community for couples with children in common, who have Portuguese nationality. This decision does not alter the novelties regarding Portuguese grandchildren, it only delays the entry into force of the law.

The President of the Republic has argued that the approval of this rule would harm couples without children or Portuguese children who are not in common.

Therefore, and given this explanation, this specific rule will be discussed again in Parliament, since it was the only one that raised doubts in its justice to the Head of State.