The D4 Visa allows residence in Portugal for a period of more than one year, for anyone who wants to do research in Portugal.


For whom?

A third-country national with a doctorate or an appropriate higher education qualification which gives him access to doctoral programs, who is admitted by a research center or higher education institution to perform a research project that normally requires such qualification. “Research” means the creation work carried out in a systematic way in order to increase knowledge, including knowledge of human beings, culture and society, and the use of that knowledge for new applications;

Note: Research center is any type of organization, public or private, or research and development unit, public or private, that carries out research and is officially recognized as such.



A resident visa for the exercise of research is granted to a third-country national who presents the following documents:

  • Employment Contract, or
  • Reception Convention with a Research Center or higher education institution, or
  • Scientific Research Grant or Grant, or
  • Term of responsibility signed by the Research Center or Higher Education Institution that guarantees your admission, as well as the expenses for your stay.


Note: Researchers admitted to officially recognized Research Centers are exempted from presenting documents proving possession of means of subsistence, accommodation and Social Security registration (when applicable).



  • Entering and staying in Portugal and other countries that are part of the Schengen Area without a visa;
  • Family reunification;
  • Access to a residence permit.


At the end of the research period, the researcher can apply for a residence permit for one year, during which time he can look for work or create a company in Portugal, compatible with his qualifications.