portuguese passport

The Portuguese passport is an individual travel document, which allows the holder to enter and exit national territory, as well as the territory of other Countries that recognize it for that purpose.

The Portuguese passport is widely recognized internationally and gives access to numerous countries without the need for a visa.

The presence of the Applicant is mandatory to request the passport, as biometric data such as the applicant’s photograph, fingerprint and signature will be collected, so the passport cannot be requested through a Power of Attorney.


Who can apply?

  • Citizens of Portuguese nationality by attribution and foreign citizens authorized to reside in Portuguese territory, who are nationals of countries without diplomatic or consular representation in Portugal, are stateless, who demonstrate, unequivocally, not be able to obtain another Passport.
  • In the case of minors under 18 years of age, the Passport is requested by those who exercise parental power, which does not dispense the presence of the minor.
  • In the case of interdicted or incapacitated citizens, the Passport is requested by the person exercising guardianship, and the presence of the interdicted or the incapacitated person is required.


Required documents

  • Valid Citizen Card/ Portuguese ID card

It is especially important to mention that it is necessary to apply for the Citizen Card before applying for the Portuguese Passport, so it is not possible to request both simultaneously. In addition, if the Citizen Card is expired, even if the passport is valid, it is necessary to renew the Citizen Card first.


Where to apply for the Portuguese Passport?

  • At the Passport Outlets at Lisbon Airport and Porto Airport;
  • Citizen’s Stores;
  • Registry Offices;
  • Portuguese Consulates.


How much does the Portuguese Passport cost?

The values vary according to the urgency in obtaining the passport.


Expiration date of the Portuguese Passport?

  • The ordinary Passport is valid for a period of five years (for adults and underage);
  • The Passport for foreign nationals holds a maximum validity of two years.


Delivery time

The normal delivery time for the Passport requested at customer service points is 5 working days. In urgent requests, the deadline may shorten and the respective additional emergency fees are charged.

The Passport can be delivered to the place where it was requested or sent by mail to the address of the applicant, for an additional fee.


It is possible to obtain Portuguese nationality through the following means: