Visas to Portugal

Portugal is internationally recognized not only as one of the best destinations to visit, but also to live, study, work and invest.

Know the different types of visas and the procedures for obtaining them.

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Whoever obtains a residence visa for Portugal has the following rights:

Reside in a safe and peaceful country at a social and political level, with an internationally distinguished education system and a very qualified and accessible national health system;

Benefit from the free movement of people and goods within the European Union, being able to establish their residence in any of these countries;

Regroup the family, allowing family members to have the right to live with the holder of the residence permit in Portugal.

Obtain Portuguese nationality at the end of five years of residence.

Lamares, Capela & Associados takes care of all types of residence visa processes, namely the ones mentioned below:

D2 Visa
Self-employed / Entrepreneurs

The D2 Visa was created with the objective of attracting foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Portugal, creating small and medium-sized companies with economic, technological or cultural relevance for the country.

D3 Visa
Highly qualified

The D3 Visa is the residence visa for highly qualified activity. It is considered highly qualified the activity which exercise requires specialized technical skills, of an exceptional nature or an adequate qualification for the respective exercise.

D7 Visa

The D7 Visa allows the retired holders to obtain a residence permit in Portugal for a period of 1 year, which can be renewed for successive periods of 2 years and, after 5 years, the applicant may acquire the permanent residence permit. or Portuguese nationality.

D7 Visa
Income / passive income holders

The D7 visa is also a residence visa for income holders who want to live in Portugal. One of the necessary requirements is proof that the applicant has the minimum income provided by law that allows him to reside in Portugal, for a period of not less than 12 months.

Startup Visa

StartUp Visa is a program aiming at foreign entrepreneurs who want to open an innovative company in Portugal and thereby obtain a residence visa and subsequently a residence permit.

Tech Visa

Tech Visa is a certification program aimed at companies with headquarters or permanent establishments in Portugal, to simplify the granting of a visa or residence permit to highly qualified citizens from countries outside the European Union who wish to develop their activity there.

Family member of the European Union

The Registration Certificate, which formalizes the right to reside in Portugal and must be requested if the citizen wants to stay in the country for more than three months of activity.v

Golden Visa

It is intended for citizens of countries outside the European Union who want to obtain a residence permit in Portugal and who cumulatively fulfill the following requirements:
– Enter Portugal legally, without the need for an additional visa;
– Make an investment in Portugal, which can be in real estate, companies or capital transfers;
– Stay for only seven days in the year, which can be consecutive or interpolated.

Other types of visas / residence permits

Portuguese law requires, in most cases, that foreign nationals from countries outside the European Union present a visa to enter Portugal. This visa, depending on the objectives / intentions of the foreign citizen, may be of short duration, temporary stay or residence.

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