The partners Ana Sofia Lamares and Diogo Capela are Portuguese and met at the University in Lisbon, having since maintained a close friendship, allied to a strong work dynamic cultivated along the last years while rendering services together for the same firm.

Sharing the same values and vision on how to work, they have joined ambitioning to be more than a traditional law firm, providing availability on a day-to-day basis, closeness to clients and acting in a targeted manner to satisfy their particular needs, personalized and in their best interest, with an innovative and practical approach, but safe and sustained by a rigorous personal and professional ethics.

Advogados Ana Lamares e Diogo Capela



Having full client satisfaction as their main goal, they are willing to personalize as much as possible the work method, offering complementary services and listening to the clients’ opinion to achieve a continuous performance improvement.

With a strong multidisciplinary and international experience, they also have the support of lawyers and law firms, selected and highly qualified, in Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde, aiming at offering a comprehensive service and with international projection, without neglecting the quality and personal assistance of the client.

The partners advocate for diversity, equality and non-discrimination, seeking to treat all colleagues, clients, partners and agents involved in the daily work with tolerance, respect and fairness.

The firm also undertakes its commitment: to the community, supporting projects and institutions of social solidarity by providing pro bono legal support and broadcasting them in its network; and to the planet, by promoting the use of recycled materials and the recycling of materials used, giving priority to non-polluting means of communication, striving for efficiency and the saving of water and energy.


When choosing a lawyer it is important to have a professional who has deep knowledge of the subject and vast experience in the areas of practice, as only by linking theory to practice we can act with full confidence in the work and its outcomes.

On the other hand, the personal component is also important. Having the support of a lawyer who is available, committed and seeking the most innovative and appropriate solutions, however without creating false expectations to clients, is of utmost importance for maintaining the trust necessary to succeed.

We strive every day to be such type of professional, working daily to excel the clients’ expectations.


Pursuing their full satisfaction, they aim to foster and cultivate a solid and long-lasting relationship with clients, being their true and trustful partners in Portugal.


Ana Sofia Lamares | Co-managing partner

Academic Training and Relevant Experience

She attended the “Faculdade de Direito” (Faculty of Law) of the “Universidade de Lisboa” and the “Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro”, having also attended a postgraduate course in Energy Law at the Faculty of Law of the “Universidade Nova de Lisboa”.

Along her path she has already worked in areas such as corporate law, real estate, environment and litigation, including the Companies PPR&A and pbbr.a;.

For several years she has been focusing on the Nationality Law (Portuguese Citizenship), Civil Register and Notary Law and on the Review of Foreign Court Decisions, having submitted thousands of processes in registers and courts related to these matters.

Immigration Lawyer Portugal. We provide services to those who want to live in Portugal or invest in the country.

In parallel, she worked intensively in the area of real estate as consultant and/or solicitor of her foreign investor clients wanting visas, residence permits and to invest in real estate or companies.

About me

I do not like people who are not proactive and complicate what is simple. I cannot stand wasting time. I hate intolerance and lack of character. I like to make plans and lists, details and a good challenge. I love traveling as much as I love returning home. Whenever I can, my house is full of family and friends, music, wine and extended meals.


Advogada Ana Lamares
Advogado Diogo Capela

Diogo Capela | Co-managing partner

Academic Training and Relevant Experience

He attended the “Faculdade de Direito” (Faculty of Law) of the “Universidade de Lisboa”, with several postgraduate courses in Urbanism and Construction Law, Tourism Law and Administrative Law of the Sea, all at the same Faculty.

Along his path he has worked in corporate and litigation law, including the firm “PARES Advogados”.

For several years he has focused his practice on foreign investor support, Immigration law, Nationality law (Portuguese citizenship) and Real Estate law, having handled thousands of files in these areas.

At the same time, he has maintained an intense activity in assisting foreign citizens in Portugal, providing his services to all those wishing to live or invest in Portugal, whether by obtaining the Non-Habitual Resident Status (NHR), residence permits or through the Golden Visa. He has also provided his services to foreign companies wishing to carry out their activities in Portugal.

About me

I am happier when: I travel, I discover a new restaurant, I go to a concert, I go to the movies or I go to a museum. The unforgettable moments are those I spend with my family and friends. I love going out, but I can spend hours at home in front of the TV doing nothing. Always attentive to detail and fond of watches, I hate being late for appointments. I cannot bear injustice and lack of respect. My main goal is to enjoy the present as much as I can. Friends consider me: loyal, fair and good confidant.


IMC Member         

Maria Celina Serra | Lawyer

Academic Training and Relevant Experience

She attended the law course at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, pre-Bologna, in the curricular component of Legal and Economic sciences.

She began her professional career in the legal department of an NGO with international projection, where she held duties for 13 years, working in various areas of law, such as criminal, family and minors, corporate, misdemeanors and immigration.

She has been a company lawyer for four consecutive years in which she maintained intense activity in the fields of labor, commercial and corporate law.

In recent years as a generalist lawyer, she has been focused on the areas of real estate law, Portuguese nationality and immigration to obtain visas and residence permits for investors, at BernaAdvogados, RL.

At the same time, she has always maintained its individual practice in which several pro bono cases, both in the context of consultation and in the access to courts, with extensive experience in matters related to the protection of minors.

About me

I live life with enthusiastic and optimism, preferring to always face difficulty as a challenge. I never complicate and hate people who complicate. I love organizing time and spaces, I repudiate excesses and retain only what is necessary. I love a good dinner with good friends and talking through the night. I love summer, warmth, beach, jazz music and travel. I believe that true happiness lies in helping others.


Advogada Maria Celina Serra
Advogado André Gomes Dias

André Gomes Dias | Lawyer

Academic Training and Relevant Experience

He graduated in the “Faculdade de Direito” (Faculty of Law) of the “Universidade de Lisboa”, where he also attended the academic part of the Master’s degree in Legal-Business Sciences.

During practically his entire career as a lawyer has dedicated special focus to the areas of Real Rights, Real Estate Law and Succession Law, assisting clients throughout the real estate acquisition procedure, in transactions related to real estate, land registration, horizontal property and shares of real estate assets that are part of inheritances.

It also has experience in the law of Registry and Notary, in the submission of several requests for review of foreign judgments in courts and transcription to Civil Registry authorities.

About me

I consider myself a person attentive to detail and interested in knowledge. So, above all, I like to travel, to start structuring a trip, and then getting lost in the cities, forget the maps and get to know the most genuine people and places. I am a fan of movies, books and in a general way, walking or just being on a terrace and enjoying the outdoors. I like to be able to combine the pace that cities provide with the tranquility that the countryside offers – and that is sometimes my destination of choice.

The characteristics I most point out about someone are their dedication and honesty.


Beatriz Carrusca Almeida | Trainee Lawyer

Academic Training and Relevant Experience

She graduated in the “Faculdade de Direito” (Faculty of Law) of the “Universidade de Lisboa”,, and is currently attending the Master’s degree in Law and Legal Practice with a specialty in Corporate Law in the same Faculdade. She is an intern at the Bar Association, as part of the December 2020 Course.

Sobre mim

Accelerated by nature, I like it when I have my life filled, by professional challenges or by personal adventures. At work, I value good principles, the spirit of collaboration and situations that make me think of the best way to solve them.

I always try to build strong and lasting relationships, and I love spending my free time surrounded by family and friends. In everything I do, it is important for me to give my best and know that I have achieved good results.


Advogada Beatriz Carrusca Almeida